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Wounds care, what to do when we get hurt

Even if it is something usual, sometimes it is not easy to know what to do to heal a wound. I am writing this article to enlighten some concepts in order to help you to take care of it. First of all, we need to define some related terms that we often use: what do…

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Acne spots treatment

Patients who suffer a very strong acne for several months or even years, are very concerned for the typical spots leaving by this illness. There are different treatments that can be done in order to enhance the skin after the disease, some are superficial, and other ones deeper and agressive. Often the results take their…

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Stretch marks, what can we do?

Women are frequently corcerned about having some stretch marks during their pregnancy and they really have reasons to, because more than 50% of pregnants will have some stretch marks. This is the reason why so much webs, shops, clinics or pharmacy bomb us with different information about this topic, with advices more or less reliable…

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