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Posts by Dra. Sandra Mateo

My skin hitches: could I have parasites?

In the latest years, spanish dermatologists have seen an increase of parasites infectious diseases. One of the commonest is scabies, most known as mange. In this article we will talk about some interesting facts related with the disease and what we should do if we think we suffer of it. Mange is a parasitary skin disease…

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Acne spots treatment

Patients who suffer a very strong acne for several months or even years, are very concerned for the typical spots leaving by this illness. There are different treatments that can be done in order to enhance the skin after the disease, some are superficial, and other ones deeper and agressive. Often the results take their…

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Stretch marks, what can we do?

Women are frequently corcerned about having some stretch marks during their pregnancy and they really have reasons to, because more than 50% of pregnants will have some stretch marks. This is the reason why so much webs, shops, clinics or pharmacy bomb us with different information about this topic, with advices more or less reliable…

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Henna body art, unexpected reaction!

Recently we tended to a pacient with a curious lesion in her foot and arms, dued to a henna body art she made in a trip, a so-called tattoo that last for a few days and so it disappears like it never was there. Henna is a red tye prepared from the leaves of a…

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